This started with a dozen attempts to write a text story involving princesses and dragons. Over time, I kept revising the story and changing my mind about how the events should be handled. It was hard to come up with any good reason why the king or the princess would want dragons to screw anyone.

At the same time, I was also working on an extreme "curtsey" pose for my characters.

Front reference

Created by: nagaaki

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Side reference

Created by: nagaaki

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Created by: Roze

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... as well as attempting to re-create this naive "tease" animation.
(This didn't completely work because I was trying to maintain the curtsey's clear silhouette)

The new curtsey pose inspired me to turn this into a Flash story, and gave me the idea to have a gullible character who would unwittingly tempt the dragon. This led to the idea of the princess training an unwitting "decoy princess" to protect her from dragons. And then I realized the story would become much more interesting if the plan goes wrong. What if the real princess got abducted leaving behind a trained slut as the only official princess? The kingdom would want to hide her away, possibly in the dungeon. But if she's tied up then dragons would simply gather there and it would become a dragon roost. Add in a stubborn king who doesn't realize he's rewarding the dragons for visiting (an accidental dragon brothel) and the situation can continue for a long time. Does the princess escape somehow? What if she become addicted to sex? How would she cope? Does she try to go back? Does she become queen of the dragons? There were a lot of interesting things that could happen.


Clumsy Sneaking: Honeybee Manor (Final Fantasy 7)
Dangerous Tension: devilslair.mid (Midi file, unknown composer)
Dragon Sex: Cradle.mid (by Daniel Witt)
Katrina's theme: candy.mid (Midi file, theme from the anime: "Candy Candy")
Scheming Royalty: "Nara and Mara's Battle" (by Erdrick)

Title image based on

From hentai: Sin Sorority

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