This story was inspired by the idea of a witch girl learning to summon a cat-girl, and then the cat-girl going into heat and attracting horny werewolves. Stumbling across this picture probably helped too. I didn't happen to have any catgirl or werewolf sprites so I made-do with a dog costume and regular dogs.

For this project, I started by writing all the dialog with notes about each scene before actually creating anything. I think the idea was to quickly figure out all the scenes spontaneously before getting bogged down in technical details. In general, creating scenes spontaneously (making it up as you go along) tends to make the situations flow more naturally with more interesting and believable reactive dialog.

I created the "magic words" using Google's Latin translator
And here's a fun easter egg: The witch girl accidentally added an extra word at the end... and it completely changes the whole meaning. Take a look at the story and try putting HER version into Google's translator to see what it turns into.

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Created by: zamudelin

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Created by: asuka_k

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