This was inspired by another story I was making. Marle kept losing her shirt and it was such a fun concept I just had to make a story around it. But after I finished making the Princess's first batch of mischief, I had to think awhile before anything resembling a plot came to mind. The ending was the hardest part to figure out. It took a few brainstorming sessions before I came up with a satisfying ending. Ironically, the final montage through the town was actually the easiest part to figure out. Just take all the remaining loose ends and show what happens to each character.


Exciting Chase: 2opener.mid (Midi file, unknown composer)
Fairy Plan: Shin Megami Tensei II (for the SNES)
Goofy Princess: candy.mid (Midi file, theme from the anime: "Candy Candy")
Party: Brandish (for the SNES)
Royal Ceremony: OP03.mid (Midi file, RPG Maker 95)
Sneaky: Inspector Gadget (for the SNES)

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