This is a story about a naive mother trying to figure out how to give her son sex-ed... with some help from a friendly neighborhood hooker, among other people.

This story was originally inspired by the impressive picture you see in the title screen, as well as a set of pictures dawn by OrangeBox. I had way too much fun making the title screen. Making parodies of "for dummies" books just never gets old. As a change of pace, I decided to have the mother be the naive and gullible character for this story. One reason for this was for variety. I didn't want every single woman to have a dominant personality. This allows the game's three endings to have more variety. In fact, while planning this I picked out a set of images to represent the main characters in the story and looked at these pictures while writing to keep their personalities focused in my mind, so that they wouldn't accidentally change while I was writing. I went a step further while creating the longest ending and gathered a set of reaction images to figure out how a naive but sexually curious character should react in various situations. It's all too easy to make a sexual character act slutty, but it can be hard to make them act a different way. This also improves variety by making sure the characters react differently. I've included all these reference pictures with the level editor for this story. You'll find them in the same folder as the level files themselves.

Title image based on

Made by: doujin3aries

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Story inspiration from

There's no way Nicole would let her impressionable young son browse unrealistic smut on the Internets. Parental block to the rescue!

Made by: OrangeBox

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