This is a story about a town with a sexy tradition, and the goofy detective Wendy who is determined to learn all she can about it.

This story went through a few revisions. It started with a re-hash of the very old idea of Riding Hood's mother trying to get her naive daughter fucked by wolves for whatever contrived reason. Then I considered combining that with the idea of a town paying a sexy annual tribute to a dragon in exchange for protection. This way, the entire town could be conspiring to get her fucked, allowing for an interesting little culture and some sexy side-businesses. But in general, the idea of sexy dragon tributes is still pretty cliche for me. I tried expanding the story in an attempt to make it more interesting, but it got needlessly convoluted. Then I remembered how I handled the "Beauty Hazard" game, and tried introducing a detective character to investigate the sexy events after the fact, discovering the sequence of events in reverse. But the story just didn't want to flow that way. I wanted to somehow end up in the dragon caves and actually see the events happening. So I put this little project aside. After a few months, I picked it up again and tried a different approach: Have a newcomer get introduced to the town traditions by one of the native girls. That way, the audience discovers the details along-side the character, and they can see the events as they happen.

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