This was inspired by the concept of royal siblings competing against each other for the throne. Rivaling princesses might attempt to disgrace each other by putting each other into various sexy situations. I found the idea inspiring enough to motivate me to create this little story, even though it actually ends up being similar to my other stuff in the end. The way I see it, being motivated enough to create more of the same thing is still better than creating nothing at all. This project also came together much faster than usual.

The character motivations and outcomes flowed surprisingly well in this story. The cruel character comfortably gets what she deserves. And the endearing character ends up being happy in the end. Ironically, their fates are actually pretty similar. At first I thought this might be a mistake. But as I fleshed-out the final scene, it actually felt alright. Maybe part of what makes a situation seem fortunate or unfortunate is how the characters feel about it.

I was also inspired by some excellent dragon sprites I found. Granted, I used them without permission (just like all the SNES sprites) and added some naughty animations. I imagine that the original artist would probably be mortified if he knew, so maybe I shouldn't mention him here. Being associated with naughty bestial stories might not improve his online resume.

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Made by: kobuichi

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