This game is a re-imagining of the Amazon Offering story. The premise is similar, but it's presented as a playable mystery that you can freely explore. Actually now that I think about it, it could almost be a prequel.

It has been awhile and I did not replay the previous version before making this, so I ended up approaching the story a little differently and incorporated some new ideas into the scenario. I approached the events spontaneously and whenever I began to run out of ideas I would switch the character you were playing to open up new possibilities. In general this approach seemed to work pretty well, but it had the unintentional side-effect of making most of the endings revolve around one of the minor characters simply because that's who you happen to be playing as when they occurr, and it was natural for the situations to emerge directly from those encounters.

Discovering endings is fun, but I wanted some way for players to know when they found them all, so I added an image gallery as a way to keep track of endings. This also means you get rewarded with a new picture each time you find a new ending.

Wendy's Seduction: Dingo Ate My Baby (A MOD file composed by Beek)
Sex: No Limit to Gus Power! (Midi music composed by 2 Unlimited)
Daytime Amazons: Crowded Marketplace.spc (SNES music from Arcana [Card Master - Rimsaria no Fuuin])
Night Mischief: Mysterious Paintings.spc (SNES music from Do-Re-Mi Fantasy [Milon no DokiDoki])

Title image based on

Made by: hitokuti saizu (AKA ikk)

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