This is a remake of this this game. Featuring completely new missions, a menu system, and a photo gallery. The game is fully playable and it's much larger than the first game.

All the content is optional. At its core, this game is an experiment in allowing the player to choose what they see. If there's a mission that doesn't appeal to you, look for a sparkle nearby to pick up some money and skip that mission.

This game was created using my RPG Maker.

This game was originally started as a way to stress-test my universal level editor. I believe the only way to truly test something is to actually use it. If the editor had any bugs or design flaws, they would definitely emerge while making this. And this game is fairly ambitious from a technical standpoint. You can save or load at anytime. It has a tacked-on HUD, which isn't built into the game engine or the editor; It's just a separate flash file sitting on top of everything. The handling of variables is thoroughly tested with item management and heavy use of event flags. Hell, I even hid another game inside of this one... just to see if I could! I'd say this has been a successful "test."