There are multiple endings. And one hidden ending includes bestial content. But that ending will only occur if you actually try to make it happen.

The main situation of this game was originally inspired by a transformation scene from a hentai called Cream Lemon (episode 23), where a girl wishes to become fully-grown. This game actually started as a quick self-playing scenario, but I didn't like how cliche the ending was turning out to be. It was going to end with the girl wishing to be sexy and then being adopted by her teacher for sex-ed lessons and simply end with a classroom orgy. But too many sexy "ideas" end up that way. It takes extra thought to overcome that tendency. That outcome is actually kind of boring. While struggling to come up with something more interesting I started thinking about the forces at work in this story and what kind of aftermath such wishes would have. What if a detective arrived afterwords and started investigating all the weird events happening in town. As soon as I thought of that, the story become way more interesting! And since the main character is exploring, this actually lends itself to being a playable game as well. I suspect this kind of story-telling approach could make just about any cliche'd scenario more interesting, almost automatically. So I added another character: Wendy, the goofy lesbian detective from my old Night Raider game. I mean... You just can't go wrong with a character like her. This game's intro was also inspired by a very funny 1970's TV show called Police Squad that was a goofy parody of police dramas.

This discovery also reveals the key to creating mystery stories: They actually tell another story in reverse. In other words, you start with a straight-forward scenario and its events. Then you begin your mystery story after those events with a character trying to figure out what the heck just happened, and the original scenario's events tend to get revealed in reverse... starting with the obvious aftermath, then the actions leading up to it, then the motivations behind those actions, and finally the original cause that started it all.

Did I mention this game has multiple endings?
This game has multiple endings! ... 3 obvious ones, and an optional 4th one that's hidden away. That's actually a courtesy. I can't realistically expect everybody to have all the same fetishes I do. You can unlock this ending by talking to a dog during the game while a character accompanies you, and responding to her questions in obvious ways. It's kind of a simple but clever way for a game to ask the player what they enjoy seeing.

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about the theme of this game. It kind of highlights an uncomfortable question about what "age" means. Is it purely physical, or does the mind's age matter too? I personally feel that it actually matters a lot, but like most hentai this story ignores inconvenient truths in favor of fun situations.
I dunno, maybe this story would be better if it showed the girl growing and discovering her new self in more detail to indicate at least some mental growth. Or maybe it needs to do the opposite and just make the girl inexplicably act older when she looks older to avoid the uncomfortable mismatch between how she looks and how she talks. Either way, I think a story's first priority must be to entertain and make the audience feel good. Otherwise, why watch it in the first place? Currently, this story leaves me with the uncomfortable feeling that she's mentally still a young girl at the end, which is actually a turn-off that distracts me from enjoying it. This seems ironic considering how often I've comfortably toyed with the Little Red Riding Hood character in my other stories. I'm not sure why it didn't work here. Maybe the other stories happen to make her talk and act older in spite of her appearance? Or maybe the character in this story starts off looking younger than the Riding Hood character and I've simply discovered where I personally draw the line?

Flashback: Lucid Dream (by MarioMusicMaker1)
Mystical: Shin Megami Tensei II (for the SNES)
Police: Phoenix Wright (for the Nintendo DS)
Town: RPG Maker (for the SNES)

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