This is the same game that's hidden inside of Babysitter's Club 2. This game tends to run slow inside of a web browser, so I recommend downloading it and playing it offline for better performance.

I won't lie. I was definitely inspired by Toonpimp's game: Curse of Cracklevania. I even used some of his enemies. (Full credit is given in the end credits)

And I wasn't the only one inspired by his game. This project started from an idea that RedTinder had. We designed the gameplay and concepts together, and I had coded up a working game engine. He also wanted a fully-realized story to guide his artwork, but we never really got around to coming up with any kind of story, so the project just sort of stalled after a couple of months. It then sat idle on the backburner for a whole year. A few months ago, I wanted to add a mini-game to my Babysitter's Club 2 game, but I didn't want a throwaway minigame that nobody would want to play. I wanted it to be something worthwhile. Then I suddenly remembered that I already had a fully-working Castlevania game collecting dust. So I made a bunch of adjustments, swapped out the placeholder graphics, and just started building levels.

I'm rather proud of the level-designs I came up with. Before I started, I carefully studied the level design of the original Castlevania, and Super Metroid, so I could try to capture the intricate depth that Castlevania is famous for and the guided flow of an open-ended game. Among other things, I discovered that the combination of complex enemy behavior and carefully planned placement made it possible to create a different challenge on every... single... screen, so the game never gets repetitive. Furthermore, I also discovered that it was possible to design bi-directional challenges, where each room's entire strategy would be different when you went through them backwards, so backtracking doesn't feel repetitive. And finally, I attempted to incorpoate a bit of Super Metroid's looping paths and subtle guidance so the player is aimed toward the next areas with almost no backtracking.