This is VERY old! It started as a Kiss project, based on another one I saw. I actually completed my own version for FKiss. I later recreated it in Flash, which seemed remarkably well-suited to these kinds of games.

"FKiss" stands for "French Kiss", which is a program that opens digital paper dolls. It became advanced enough to do simple animation. Can you believe I originally intended to create Guardia Forest this way!? (It was originally named Fkiss Marle) I would've actually done it too. I guess I was crazy back then.

Anyway, the intro picture was created by an artist known as "Tom bates" AKA "Bounder Fox", who seemed to dissappear off the face of the earth many years back. It's a pity, since nobody can draw Sally the way he can!

While writing this, I noticed that some of his art is missing from his VCL gallery, and cannot easily be found anywhere else. So for the sake of posterity, here's my own collection of Bounder Fox's artwork.