This is a sexy parody of Chrono Trigger where you play as Marle, who has been sleepwalking and wakes up trapped in Guardia Forest. What will the forest monsters do with our sexy princess? That's up to you.

This is actually a complete remake of the first Guardia Forest game, which I created way back in 2001 (over a decade ago!) Part of the inspiration for this remake was to experiment with a way to seamlessly show high-resolution illustrations in a low-resolution game without them appearing out-of-place. I painstakingly created 14 detailed pictures for this game. Can you find them all? I also got ambitious with the programming and tried to make this game feel more like playing Chrono Trigger. And unlike the first Guardia Forest game... I gritted my teeth and made myself actually finish this one! But all those illustrations sure took a long time to make.

I originally wanted to imitate the drawing style of the late Barry Blair, and I started out tracing bits and pieces of other pictures to save time. But preparing this kind of reference material actually took a lot of time, and I also tended to get better-looking results when I wasn't trying to force myself to use unfamiliar art styles. I also tried my usual approach of shading pencil & paper sketches in Photoshop, but I realized that I could actually ink the picture in Paint Tool Sai in the same amount of time I'd spend trying to clean-up a sketch in Photoshop. While working on the final picture, I also discovered a new trick where I paint the shading on two layers. One layer is the shading for the ambient occlusion of the image which focuses on shading the subtle dips and corners between shapes such as muscles. The other layer is the regular volumetric shading that focuses on light direction and overall shapes. The results looked great and it allowed me to freely paint and modify lights and shadows without worrying about modifying subtle details of the anatomy.

Forest: Nimbus (Composed by Cardamar)
Battle: Chrono Trigger (for the SNES)
Ending 2: enhas-rm.mid (Midi file, unknown composer)

Fun fact:
Whenever I use midi files, I replace the instruments using a program called SynthFont (version 1.713 is free) I usually tell it to load a sound-font called Musica Theoria.