This game was originally created by PlayShapes

The art was great.
The concept was hilarious.
But the game needed better collision.
You can try the original game here: Mario's Missing.

After talking with PlayShapes a bit, I decided to revise his code.
The result is the game now runs twice as fast,
is half the filesize,
has solid collision,
... and a couple minor glitches in the animations. (oops)

I completely reprogrammed the player's movement, and programmed Flash to render the level graphics only once, as a single giant picture, instead of letting it repeatedly render the vector-graphics every single frame. This gave the player better collision and the levels had much better performance. I also bumped the overall speed up to 30 frames per second, which makes some of the animations look a little weird. Unfortunately, I didn't have PlayShapes' original FLA file. I had to decompile his game, organize everything, and then put my own code in there.