Be sure to install the "Indeo Video XP" codec, otherwise you'll miss out on something very cool at the end. (codec installer included with the game)

The game is not difficult to play. Just look around and see what's happening. That aspect of it is based in how old Final Fantasy games are basically just a scavenger hunt for the next key-event that will advance the story. I experimented with many things in this game.

First of all, this game is very subtle and deep. Even with the smallest progression of story, everybody in town updates and changes what they're doing. If you don't look around often, you'll miss out on tons of stuff going on in the background. So even though it takes place in a single town, there's a lot to explore because everything is constantly changing!

I also used image overlays to create dramatic mood-lighting, which really sets the mood. I even paid attention to the passage of time and changing weather conditions.

And as a final touch, I added something in the middle of the ending credits that I don't think any game has ever done before!