About the game

I spent the past 10 years working on a very large adult parody of Pokemon. You can download the playable demo and level editor for the game. All of the game's programming is complete. But I still have to make more levels and graphics. So far, Pallet, Viridian, Pewter, Cerulean, Vermillion city, and the St Anne are complete. Feel free to play around with the editor and make your own pokemon game. I might keep working on my version some day, but there's no reason you can't have fun and make your own. This has been my most ambitious project. It was the main reason I created my Universal Level Editor for Flash. It was originally inspired by a picture that NeoNeko drew.

Status of the game

People have been asking about this for years, so I guess I should finally make it clear.
TL:DR My day-job makes me work way too much for me to create big projects anymore.

I love this game, everything about it has turned out great, but I'm kind of tired of working on it. (or maybe I'm just tired) I WANT to be motivated to work on this. But I can't FORCE myself feel like it. This project is just too damn old. Every good idea I ever wrote down and every fantastic plan I made... have become tired old re-runs in my mind. Those can't motivate me.
But I do know one trick:
In theory I could add a new scene or completely re-do a scene in order to jump-start my creativity and get the ball rolling again. That would take about a day, which is too long. The second I went back to my day-job, the momentum would be completely gone again. I do get 2-day weekends to do stuff, but then I have to stop and wait through 5 long days of work before I can get back to any project. Then I would have to spend another day rewriting another small scene just to get motivated again. Nothing would actually get done. Big projects just can't survive 5-day interruptions with no free time in between.

Years ago, I used to have more than 3 hours of free time a day. But about 2 years ago I got a promotion at my job, which basically just means I work long hours now and have very little free time during the week. I've just been too busy paying the bills to able to make anything big.

Why didn't I say anything sooner? I felt guilty. I wanted to somehow make myself keep going. I felt like I owed it to all the people who helped with this project over the years. But when a hobby feels like an obligation, it's not a hobby.

All pokemorph drawings

Provided by the Legend of Krystal Forum

All cutscene drawings

Provided by the Legend of Krystal Forum

Weekly build:

pokemon_current_alpha_editor.zip I've set up my computer to automatically upload the Pokemon game from my hard drive every week. I rarely work on it that often so most updates will be identical. And if I make any big updates to the game I'll announce it on the updates page like I do with all my other projects. Just a warning, this will upload the game even if I'm in the middle of changing something that temporarily breaks the game, so I can't guarantee this alpha build always works. But if you want bleeding edge updates, this is it.

System Requirements

Minimum: 1.8 GHz processor
Recommended: 2.5 GHz processor

What's new?


Welp, it only took 2 years (thanks to a little game called Skyrim) but the next version of the Pokemon game is ready.


(Jan 29 2016)
Fixed an issue where teleporting to a map with water would cause the player to walk on top of the water.


(Jan 24 2016)
Fixed some more minor glitches. You were able to activate a scene at the end of St Anne, even without some of the required characters.


(Jan 23 2016)
Added Drag & Drop support.


(Jan 16 2016)
Acquiring computer-travel failed to unlock Vermillion city or the previous areas. This has been fixed.


(Jan 6 2016)
Disabled the dust particles while running because they tend to cause crashes for some people.


(Dec 31 2015)
Diving at a certain part of the game used to teleport you into a table. That has been fixed now.


(Dec 29 2015)
The "ask" menu wasn't working. It has been fixed now.

This one adds the St Anne to the game, along with some unexpected passengers.

New stuff was added to previous scenes as well, such as Sleeping at the Vermillion city inn with Misty in your party (Lets just say that dildo finally gets used.) You can also actually LOOK at the inn poster on the wall.

I also added new features like the ability to swim when you're playing as Misty, and the ability to run (which is handy for people with slower computers)

Pokemon battles have a new pokeball display, showing the health of each enemy pokemon, and a convenient pokedax button to quickly look up data about the opponent.

Ash finally calls Pikachu by her name, and the other characters have nicknames for some of their pokemon as well.

There are a couple of new pictures in Viridian City when you meet Officer Jenny. Just give her a reason to investigate you. There's also a scene if Misty talks to her at night while wearing a leather coat.

There's a new story for Porygon, and some of it starts to come to light in Cerulean city.

In battle, the camera reveals pokemon touch-points. And you won't lose your turn when you take a picture.

Enemy pokemon can steal your pokemon if they make them very horny. Just make sure you keep some fan-art items with you. If the battle ends, you'll ocassionally re-encounter your lost pokemon in other battles.

There are more pokemon in the game. In fact, people have created so many pokemon drawings that I had to re-arrange the locations of all the pokemon just to re-balance everything.