Apparently, the recent Flash players built into most browsers are very slow with old Flash games like this one... for some reason. This mostly affects the last scene in this game. It's not an issue with the native Windows version which was created directly by an old Flash player.

This game is about a king and his many pet rabbits adopting lots of princesses for mysterious reasons.

... okay but seriously, the plot is a bit deeper than that. It's mostly in scattered journal pages which you can totally skip if you just want to rush to the juicy stuff (which is probably everyone)

This game's scenario is mostly me playing around again with the idea of intelligent animals making sexy plans. Kind of like the Bunny Intelligence story. At first I wasn't sure whether I wanted to make this another story or a game. I had already planned out the story events, but I kind of liked the idea of exploring a castle with sexy stuff happening behind closed doors while looking for ways to open them. But in the end I ended up changing that part in order to keep the main character naive. That leaves some sexual suspense left over afterwards to push you forward to see the rest of the story, since you'll still be eager to see her reactions. Like most of my stuff the situation is shamelessly contrived and it took some extra effort to figure out character motivations and a backstory that could create this situation. Unfortunately by the time I had that stuff figured out I had already created most of the game and character dialog, so I ended up adding it to the rest of the game using scattered journal pages (am I a game developer yet?). It's kind of a cop-out, but it does have the advantage of making most of the story stuff optional for, you know... porn purposes. I also had to come up with an ending more interesting than "everyone gets fucked" because that kinda... already happens. Pacing isn't just about escalating things endlessly. Throwing in new concepts to change the pace is also an option, and it doesn't necessarily have to be about sex. Any interesting concept will keep the mind entertained. To be honest that's where most of the backstory came from. I wanted an ending that was surprising and intriguing, but it needed some foreshadowing to fit into the story.

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From Anime: Freezing

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