This is an old collection of game experiments and scenarios created in RPG Maker 2003. Most are playable. Very few are complete.

- Games -

Before I created this, I had the notion that an RPG Maker game had to be a single game, and I was stuggling between trying to make all my different ideas fit into the context of a single game or creating new games just to use single ideas. That seemed absurd. It would be like creating an entire movie just so you could show off a certain special effect. So I decided to create this, which is basically multiple games in one.

This project is now discontinued since I've moved on to making games in Flash. However, there are a few really good game designs here that I should re-use.

I named this project after an old Macintosh game, Yipe 3. I didn't create it, but it was the first game I ever modified in sexy ways. I miss playing around with Resedit.