This is an old collection of game experiments and scenarios created in RPG Maker 2003. Most are playable. Very few are complete.

- Games -
Character Intro A cool character intro inspired by Japanese game trailers.
Gallery Test A slide-show test featuring Roll Caskett from Megaman Legends. This was designed to work like the picture gallery in Darkstalkers 3.
RTP Riding Hood This was a test of how well I could make a game using ONLY the default RTP resources in RPG Maker. A challenge since I'm used to my custom resources.
Time Wabbit A well-planned game where you play as a rabbit who gains the ability to stop time. I'm not really sure why it turned out so well.
New Day This game was an experiment to see if the story setting itself can inspire enough ideas to create a game story. But it turns out that it's better to know how things will turn out before you begin making something.

It still had an excellent event combination system which made it fun to experiment and discover amusing outcomes.

The Rift This isn't a sexual game. I was just testing out a Robotrek chipset and characters I had assembled. Then I began playing around with the idea of parallel dimensions.

By the way, Robotrek is a great RPG for the Super Nintendo. It's much better than its graphics suggest.

Mouse Trap A plan at voyeurism goes awry and a young inventor gets in over his head... literally!

This was mainly inspired by a feature in Robotrek. In that game, the hero finds an item that can turn him into a mouse, allowing him to sneak into places he couldn't otherwise go.

Just thinking about that makes one imagine a girls' locker room.

Pokemon Sally Pokemorphs... Gotta love 'em! Vaporeon's ability to turn into water makes some interesting situations possible.

This game was probably created right after I made my Vaporeon character in RPG Maker. Nothing inspires me like new resources to play with.

Marle Miscellaneous An experiment at using picture illustrations in games. I'm more used to sprite-acting though.

Still, maybe if I utilized a "Ken Burns" effect like the Japanese do, I could make the images seem less out-of-place. But I doubt it.

Ayla's Hunt This was one of the first games I created in the "Playground" series.

I just don't approach the subject the way I used to. Sometimes simple is best.

Back then, I could easily fantasize about girls going after guys. Then for some reason, that concept became hard for me to imagine. It is only recently that I've overcome it through "straight-shota" (Woman on Boy) scenarios.

Rolling in a Hole Inspired by a game "sketch" that someone else created, but never finished. I couldn't help myself, I just had to complete it!
Velvet Mobian I thought it was interesting how Sonic the Hedgehog characters rarely wear clothes. It seems to me that the culture of Mobius would be very different from ours.

If genitals were visible all the time, perhaps they'd be taken for granted? Without something to draw attention to it, and growing up without adults, maybe the freedom fighters never learned about sex... until a new visitor introduces them to it, of course.

Hide the Fort! An experiment with spontaneous storytelling. Plan ahead a little, write it out, plan some more, write some more. It worked fairly well.

This test was probably inspired by how I approached storytelling in Night Raider.

Sex-ed This was created when I started exploring the concept of submission as a sexual theme. At the time, it didn't completely sit right with me. But I felt that there was something to it...
So I began exploring situations where a character naively follows instructions, then gets surprised...
Looking back, I don't think I ever stopped.

Strategy Game Experiment One night while lying in bed, I had a brilliant idea of how to create a strategy game that utilized sex.

Too bad I don't remember all the details. But the goal was to navigate Little Red Riding Hood through a forest maze at night while strategically avoiding animals who would attack her. The goal was to protect her so she could reach grandma's house and get screwed by the wolf waiting there.

I only got the basic game engine created.

3D Game Engine This all started as an attempt to create a 3D maze. I soon realized that I could use this to create actual 3D games!

RPG Maker 2000 isn't capible of true 3D. But combining 1-point perspective and image scaling can create a very convincing effect!

I just didn't know what kind of game to make with it. I still might revisit this idea in Flash.

Beauty Contest I think this story was inspired by a picture I saw of a princess innocently cuddling a dragon, who was not-so-innocently starting to lick down between her breasts. Ever since then, I've been obsessed with finding pictures of dragons with girls.

Pokemon After creating some character images of Misty, I was inspired to create a sexy story, which then evolved into a full-blown pokemon game engine!

This parody of Pokemon manages to imitate many aspects of that game, but also has a few tricks of its own.

I never realized that a whole video game could be made almost entirely out of databases and menus!

This game is a rare example of me getting so caught up in the act of programming that even the sexual content couldn't distract me!

And the entire thing was programmed in about 2 weeks!

Fairy Mischief This is a typical example of a game "sketch" in this "playground" series. There's no true gameplay, no developed character-driven story, it's just a scanario that's playable. A single idea and only enough stuff to portray it. In this case, a mischevious fairy.

Of course it could be expanded upon. The fairy could be mischevious in many different ways. But arousal makes a game-designer want to be the audience rather than the artist. They become impatient and lazy with their creativity. In other words, one doesn't feel like putting much thought into the things they're making when they're sexy.

As much as I regret this fact, I'm still prone to it at times. Putting thought, planning, and effort into something inspired by arousal is an immense challenge.

Locke and the 3 Babes This is a quick parody of a fairytale.
Girl Who Cried Wolf This is a quick parody of a fairytale.
Rough Riding Hood This is a quick parody of a fairytale.
Monster Hunt What can I say? Over time I've acquired a new fetish. It's running the risk of becoming a cliche.

In this game, you play as creatures seeking out girls. Each creature has a different ability which means that you need to switch characters to solve some of the puzzles.

Like most of my games, it never got completely done.

Young Marle Many many years ago, I was thinking about my "Guardia Forest" flash game and I wondered, "What if this wasn't the first time this had happened? What if she had been doing this for years? ...on purpose."

I started thinking up a backstory of how it all started and drew up a rough comic storyboard. I never quite finished it, but most of the story was there.

Later on, I felt like completing the story, but was too lazy to sketch the last few frames. So instead, I recreated the story in RPG Maker.

Help1 Style A game sketch named "Help 1" was a masterpiece of a scenario. This was an experiment to see if I could match it by imitating its style.
Prehistoric Sex-ed I toyed with the idea of what sex-ed might be like in Ayla's prehistoric village. How girls were introduced to it. I figured that they just let nature teach them and it had become common practice & ritual.

The first version of this scenario wasn't all that great since the in-game graphics of the girls looked too young. So I tried something else in this version.

Before I created this, I had the notion that an RPG Maker game had to be a single game, and I was stuggling between trying to make all my different ideas fit into the context of a single game or creating new games just to use single ideas. That seemed absurd. It would be like creating an entire movie just so you could show off a certain special effect. So I decided to create this, which is basically multiple games in one.

This project is now discontinued since I've moved on to making games in Flash. However, there are a few really good game designs here that I should re-use.

I named this project after an old Macintosh game, Yipe 3. I didn't create it, but it was the first game I ever modified in sexy ways. I miss playing around with Resedit.