This is another collection of game experiments and scenarios from RPG Maker. Most are playable. Very few are complete.

After playing with Yipe Playground 1 for many years, I reconsidered my old notion that every idea had to fit into the current game I was working on. It didn't seem like such a bad idea after all, so I created this project, originally named "Integrated Playground"... but in the end, it just ended up being a bunch of seperate games. So I just refer to it as "Yipe Playground 2" now.

- Games -
Orphanage This is a very long scenario.

It was an experiment that attempted to give the story a genuinely happy ending no matter what kinky events were involved. To do this, I set up each character's preferences and viewpoints to be compatible with the situations they would end up in.

The result had characters with some interesting (but unrealistic) philosophies and more depth than usual. Unfortunately, it resulted in a lot of unneccessary dialog.

Pond of Viagra The idea behind this little scene is pretty old. It was inspired by a line of dialog from the SNES game "Legend Of Zelda: Link to the Past"

After granting a wish, the fairy at the Pond of Happiness would always say "This is just a small happiness I can give to you." To me, it always sounded like she was flirting with you.

Bunnygirl Parents This is based on a scenario I came up with where an orphanage is desperate for money and will give orphans to practically anybody. I came up with this long before I created the "Orphanage" story.

Bunnygirls are a mystical all-female race I came up with a very long time ago.

Random Scenarios This was an experiment in making a self-writing story. Scenes are randomly selected and strung together. Each scene makes a minor reference to the previous scene in an attempt to make the sequence somewhat coherent.
Class Sex-ed I had fun making the fake documentary for this one. The audio was spliced together from various parts of a NOVA documentary about sex in nature.

It's fun to play with other people's words and make them say something completely different. And what's funny about this is that it actually sounds sort of official.

Dragon Friends This scenario was based directly on a picture I saw.

Riding Hood This was inspired by a drawing I had made while experimenting with sexy outfit designs. At one point I wondered, "What if her mother deliberately dressed her like this?"

Pika Pet In Pokemon, I always thought is was odd that parents were so willing to send their kids off into the wilderness.

If they're so blindly eager for their kids to be pokemon trainers, it's fun to imagine what situations they're unwittingly putting them in.

Nurse Treatment I once read that, in Victorian Times, a woman being horny was considered to be a disease called "Hysteria"

Considering how prudish schools still are, I came up with this scenario.

Green Dream 2 I don't remember exactly what inspired me to make this, but it seems to be related to a backstory I had in mind for "Guardia Forest."
At one point, I had drawn a little comic showing how she first discovered she could play with monsters, but I never finished it. This seems to be an attempt to complete that comic without bothering to actually draw anything.
Being lazy is a lot of work.

Tree House Secret clubs and the "consequences" for intruding.
Detention This quick scene was inspired by a picture I saw for a H game.

Amazon Tribe This scenario incorporates a few ideas:

Young amazons go after easy targets (shota rape)

Female visitors are automatically considered to be tribe members and are made to take a test.

Girls becoming the property of wolves.