This is a VERY old game! It was the winter of 2002, and I was just starting my Night Raider game. At that time, I came up with a theory that many of the best video games drew inspiration from non-electronic games. For example, Metal Gear seemed to be an elaborate version of Hide and Seek. So I created this game based on Tag, where you'd win pictures for catching girls. The result is one of the better games I've made. You might recognize some of the pictures in this. The pictures of Sally were actually made specifically for this game. Some of the other pictures were taken from various unknown sources.

It's fun, but the puzzles can be a little tricky or nonsensical. Consult the computer when you first start the game. It offers multiple hints for each character.

Now that I think about it... It's sort of like Megaman:
You pick a character to defeat. And items you find in one stage will help you in another. Anyway, this game was discontinued a long time ago.