During the game, the girl gains magic and abilities from the fairies she rescues. But the game doesn't take its story too seriously, and there's a lot of sexy humor.

This game is very old, but I still consider it to be one of my masterpieces. It marked the epitomy of my skills in RPG Maker, where I used nearly every RPG Maker coding trick I knew. And I frequently had to discover new tricks while making it. The game successfully imitates a lot of the gameplay and fun of The Legend of Zelda. But with a lot of unique twists.

This project was also what convinced me to switch to Flash. Programming the enemies was very cumbersome because I had to resort to ridiculously elaborate workarounds in the scripting to keep track of each enemy's data, something that would have been brain-dead simple in Flash. That's the main reason this game never quite got finished. Even so, there's a lot here and everything in it works amazingly well.

This game is also a "closure piece." It fulfilled my dream of creating a Zelda style game. I had always considered the Legend of Zelda on the SNES to be one of the greatest games ever made. And it was my dream to create a game like it one day. I studied that game like a bible, meticulously analyzing its gameplay and mechanics to deduce the underlying design rules it followed.

I also experimented with pacing. This game takes turns with sex, gameplay, and storytelling in much the same way that movies pace themselves between action scenes and slow exposition scenes. Basically, they just take turns.

Another thing I experimented with was having the game try to learn the player's sexual preferences based on their actions when faced with scenes early in the game.

This project started when I stumbled across a sexy scene someone had created in RPG Maker. I liked it so much that I began adding on to it. As I incorporated elements of Zelda, it became really fun, and I made it my goal to create the ultimate H game. At some point, enough features were added that this project took on a creative momentum of its own. Every single time I tested it, I came up with more ideas to add and changes to make. Apparently, it hit some kind of developmental "sweet-spot." Every aspect of its creation became incredibly fun to work on. It was downright addictive. This continued for over 2 years!

I learned a lot during that time and this game went through multiple revisions. Ocassionally I would discover a better way to do something and then replace large chunks of the game's underlying code. Most parts of the game have been replaced at least once. The story went through at least 3 complete revisions. Heck, even the game's title no longer refers to anything in particular.