This character was modeled, textured, and rigged over the course of 1 week, using 3D Studio Max. I thoroughly planned out this character's model by first drawing references sketches on paper. I outlined the most prominent muscles and skeletal structures. Then I manually DREW polygons over the reference sketches. I took special care to define the prominent muscle and skeletal structures. And I carefully matched up every polygon vertex between front and side views. My theory was that I could simply trace these drawn polygons in 3D Studio Max. For the most part this worked, but there were a few minor mistakes to fix, and I didn't know how to properly model joints to bend well. I deliberately kept the polygon count low in order to make the rigging process easier. I simply applied a smoothing modifier to the model afterwords to generate extra polygons. I really ought to create all of my other characters as well. It's not too difficult to change an existing character into another. I already created kara.