Bubba91 came up with a very interesting take on Jynx. It's one of those pokemon that you'd never think could look sexy. Supposedly, Jynx was a controversial pokemon. So I decided to parody that by deliberately making this one black, and exaggerating the skin color. Somebody randomly suggested that I base the colors on someone called Nicky Minaj. That turns out to be kind of a trick request because her colors are... all of them. Fortunately, she does seem to have a good grasp of color theory in her outfits. Pink and yellow seemed to be a recurring theme, which kind of matches Jynx's colors. So I made it work, mostly based on this picture.

It turns out that it's a blast to shade dark skin! It's very responsive to subtle changes in value, so you can create lots of nice detail. But that translucent camisole was a pain. I had such beautiful skin shading underneath it, but the shading for the fabric was muddying it up. The two seemed to cancel each other out and leave the result looking flat. I finally settled on using a "darken" blend mode on the camisole's shading. Maybe I should've combined them first and shaded them on a single layer instead of separately.

In case you're curious. There's also another version with the pokemon's normal colors.