This was drawn by Bubba91, one of the artists helping with the Pokemon game on the Legend of Krystal forum.

What you see here is actually my 2nd attempt at coloring Staryu. The kind artists at Legend of Krystal had already cleaned up the sketch and added flat colors and... I accidentally colored the sketch.

It was getting hard to keep track of the art they were creating, so I later coded-up this online list of pokemon art to help with that. It sorts the art by pokemon, artist, and colored versions. Behind the scenes, I have a program that scans the art folder and updates the entire list for me.

The 1st colored version of Staryu is kind of nice. It reminds me of some the watercolor art you see on the old cards for the Pokemon trading card game.

For the 2nd attempt, I decided I wanted to do a better job of portraying textures, so I spent some time looking up reference pictures of gold, rose quartz, and starfish.