There's a convoluted backstory behind this picture. It mostly revolves around a sexy mod I was making for an old Macintosh game called Escape Velocity. Back then, I tended to adopt characters from various stories and games, and reimagine them. I wanted to put all of my adopted characters into the Escape Velocity game, with each one found on their homeworlds. I also imagined how they might interact with each other. This picture demonstrates what happens when Roxy and Velvet encounter a Bunnygirl who has stowed away aboard their spaceship.

Roxy is originally from a 16-bit fighting game called Brutal: Paws of Fury. When I was modding Escape Velocity, I re-imagined her being a space-borne explorer, part of a race of foxes.

Velvet is originally from a series of books called LC & Critter Kids. After noticing this scene, I was inspired to put her into lesbian scenarios. My Escape Velocity mod also had a sentient alien satellite that would abduct characters and conduct sexual experiments on them; So I had the idea of Velvet getting abducted and Roxy rescuing her. Then they would go exploring the universe together.

The Bunnygirl was inspired by a character in the Sega CD shooter, Keio Flying Squadrion. I imagined Bunnygirls being a frisky all-female alien race.