This picture was created for a remake of the old Guardia Forest game.

This scene takes place while Marle is performing a healing move called "Aura". I thought the way she held her arms out in the game kind of looked like a Yoga position, so I modified the pose to resemble the yoga "tree" posture. It kind of makes sense that a move named aura might be based on something like that.

Aura in Chrono Trigger

Unlike the other pictures for this game, this picture was drawn completely from scratch. I experimented with fading-out the outlines at the edges to make them blend more smoothly with the shading. Ideally in art, the shading would have enough contrast to make outlines unneccessary in the final picture. But this is the next best thing, especially with such cartoony faces. Besides, the picture needs to be easy to see in-game at smaller sizes. I also experimented with using a custom brush for the hair so I wouldn't have to draw each strand individually. It does speed things up a little.