This is the 7th frame of this comic.

Of course, without Sally around, it was only a matter of time before the other girls got ahold of Tails. Here, he's wondering where Sally went. Naturally, he doesn't suspect a thing.

I decided to make Amy slightly older than Tails. Drawing Bunnie was fun. It seems like every artist has a different take on how her robotics might look. I decided to add a few extra details of my own. But knowing that I was going to shrink the final picture down, I still kept it kind of simple. The first pose I had for Bunnie looked like she was trying to obstruct Tails, which was the opposite of what I wanted, so I switched it to make it look like she's welcoming him. For Amy, there wasn't really enough room for a chair, and her 2nd pose looked too similar to Bunnie's pose. So I switched it to make it look like she's thinking mischevously. Amy and Tails actually have very similar poses. The difference is all in their facial expressions.