I had started a little game in my old Yipe Playground collection where I challenged myself to use only the default RTP resources (graphics that came with RpgMaker). The story emerged spontaneously.

The scenerio is that a girl is in a beauty contest where the winner gets to star in the play "Little Red Riding Hood". After winning and arriving on the island where the play is to be held, she goes through a door thinking it's the enterance to the theater. Instead it's actually a forbidden doorway between worlds. Finding herself in a forest, the girl thinks she's on an extremely elaborate stage. Upon meeting a cat-girl named Neko, who she believes to be someone in a crappy wolf costume, she comes to the conclusion that the play has already started. And to make a long story short, ends up getting all the creatures in this world to enact a hilariously hapazard version of Little Red Riding Hood! While hiding from the "hunter," Riding Hood leads Neko to an area where the catgirl normally goes for mating season. Misunderstanding Riding Hood's intentions, Neko starts getting extremely affectionate with her. This picture is an illustration of that scene.