Roll has always been one of my favorite characters. There's something about her personality just gives me the warm-n-fuzzies. Also... dat coat. It's from Megaman Legends 2, and I thought it was interesting how it contrasted with her short-shorts. I tried to draw a pose that would exaggerate this contrast by hiding her shorts as much as possible. The fur around her shoulders was inspired by Q-Bee from Darkstalkers. The fur seems to outline to top-curve of the shoulders which makes it seem like they're pushing upward. It makes the overall pose seem cuter. (I bet this would also work well for Renamon)

Another pose also caught my eye. Rouge the Bat from the Sonic games always seems to have her chest jutting out a bit. It's not the size of her breasts that's doing that, it's the subtle arch in her back that she always seems to have. I tried exaggerating Rouge's pose here, turning it into a tease with Roll's short shirt.

While drawing this I experimented with an intersting technique using colored pencils that makes the shading blend very smoothly. White colored pencils are more-or-less transparent, so scribbling over a colored picture will blend the other colors together slightly. To enhance this effect, you can start by using the white colored pencil to coat the paper before doing any coloring. This flattens the surface of the paper and reduces the graininess you'd normally end up with when coloring with colored pencils. I combined both of these tricks while coloring this picture... and used up a lot of white pencils in the process. (In retrospect, I should've left the furry parts of the coat grainy to give them texture)