This was created for a remake of the old Guardia Forest game.

This scene occurs when Marle is under the "chaos" status effect and you tell her to "fight" a Roly. So... who do you think is winning?

Pose reference

Expression reference

Penetration angle theory
(It's totally a science)

Pussy-bulge reference

When it comes to making pictures, I tend to enjoy the actual "drawing" part the least. To remedy this, I sketched the picture on actual paper using an actual pencil. That tends to be more fun than digital... then I sketched over it with the wacom tablet to fill in the vague details. Oh well. There wasn't any tracing this time, though I did refer to these pictures for ideas & pointers. The rest of the process was normal. I inked it in Paint Tool Sai using the mouse and "curve" tool, and I colored & shaded it in Photoshop using the wacom tablet.

On a whim, I decided to record the entire coloring and shading process. My other video tutorial is pretty old and I have a couple of new tricks, like adding analogous colors to the shading by using the shading as a mask for a real-time HUE layer, and creating nice hair based on this tutorial. (Be proud Nykolai, you made this porn possible) The main video recording plays at 5x speed. And in case you're curious about the hair effect, I have a slower recording of that part.