I created this for a remake of the old Guardia Forest game. This might be one of the most explicit pictures I've ever drawn.

For this picture, I decided to be a cheap bastard and trace the pose from a couple of other pictures. That doesn't mean I didn't do any work. This picture took quite awhile to create. It turns out there's almost zero reference material for the Rolies from Chrono Trigger... almost. I did find this. It's from a very old miniature Chrono Trigger cartoon in full 300i VHS quality! Much more useful was this drawing by Phycosmiley, which shows a nice style for the feet. Beyond that, I had to improvise something resembling anatomy for the Roly. Unlike most of my pictures, I decided to draw this one 100% digitally using Paint Tool SAI. I wanted to see how helpful my new Wacom tablet would be for drawing. Turns out... not so much. Chalk it up me being rusty. But I did cobble together a decent approach: Do a very rough sketch with the tablet using the "pen" tool. Then ink it with the mouse using the "curve" tool. The color and shading is all Photoshop. The tablet is pretty helpful for this, especially when it comes to creating hair.