This is a sketch of Velvet, a character originally from a series of books called LC & The Critter Kids. I adored this shy fox character, even though she was rarely featured in most of the stories.

Fun fact: I used to use Zip disks to backup all my stuff for the longest time. Well... during the 90's anyway. And when we got a Macintosh with a CD burner, it made sense to backup this stuff to a single CD instead of 4 Zip disks. Of course, I wanted to make this CD special, so I drew a nifty label for it. Yup, it was possible to buy blank CD label stickers that you could print over using a printer. How could I NOT try this?

I then colored it with colored pencil. It came out okay... but the colors were a bit strong, and dark. And colored pencils tend to leave ugly white spots between the grain of the paper.

I later tried coloring the scanned sketch with a Wacom tablet. This also game me a chance to try out some rendering techniques described in a tutorial I downloaded. I also came up with a trick to help me figure out where the light is coming from. It's that red target symbol over her sholder.