After seeing this picture, I felt inspired. The idea of the animals themselves somehow being intelligent enough to make sexy plans was a new and intriguing idea... outside of Pokemon anyway. It was also a fun storytelling challenge to try to communicate that a character was training someone when that character cannot talk. (okay, maybe I copped-out a little at the very end)

From a storytelling standpoint, I've decided that the traditional interest-curve rising action idea just doesn't work... at all. At least not for my stories. You just can't exert that kind of harsh control over story events without ruthlessly chopping away the most sponteneous and interesting parts. When it comes to pacing, it's more effective to just focus on cutting out redundant parts that don't add anything to the story. My most effective stories don't strictly match such patterns of rising action, aside from the ending generally being more intense than the beginning, and having an early intense "preview" scene at the beginning. But that scene is less about pacing and more about letting people know what kind of story it is. I now believe it's more important to focus on tension. A pattern of build-up, sustain, and release. After all, horror movies usually have very little actual violence but tons and tons of sustained build-up. That's what suspense is.

And of course, here's the sources of the thumbnail and inspiration pictures:

Made by: Inuboshi

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Made by: Monikano

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