In this story, I experimented with dramatic tension. I was actually inspired by an online article I read about how to add suspense to stories. It looked like click-bait, but the tips were genuinely useful. So uh... props to Steven James, you made this smut possible.

I had always suspected that sexual suspense and dramatic suspense worked in very similar ways, but I had never seriously considered using both in the same story. After all, why use one when you can just use the other? Well here's why: Tension. Tension is that magic thing that grabs you so you can't stop reading, and makes a story feel like a good story. It's not enough to simply have dramatic highs and lows in the story's interest curve. Tension comes from drawing each one out as long as you can. That's the real trick.

I also tried a motivational experiment. While writing this story, kept some sexy pictures of Misty visible. But I deliberately chose pictures that were only mildly sexy. The idea was to entice myself using pictures that were only just enough to peak my interest without completely satisfying my arousal. I think this trick generally worked, but I might try choosing even milder pictures next time.

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