This story was a test of a reverse-planning approach and some sexual-suspense guidelines I had put together.

Like another story I made, I tried planning this story in reverse by starting with an outcome and then figuring out events that could lead up to it. But this time I drew inspiration from various drawings and used them to represent various events during the planning process. I think I originally planned to refer to these pictures as reference while writing the story, in order to guide me into portraying the most potent versions of each event, but I kind of forgot to do that. Instead, I used it as a rough guide to create a simple list of story events. Then I checked this list against my suspense guidelines and adjusted it to have a better suspense curve.

I also gathered reference material for the personalities of the characters.

A normal girl

Embarrassed, not naive

The Daughter, Alice

Naive, happy discovery

The Mom, Sally

Mischevous intent

I deliberately kept these pictures visible while I wrote the story itself. This kept the characters consistent in an intuitive way, because the pictures constantly suggested and reinforced what the characters were supposed to be like.

So basically, my approach to creating this story went like this:

Thumbnail image based on

Made by: Okiyumi Kase

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