This is a story about a stubborn and rebellious princess who wants to play in the forest. A maid tricks her into sneaking out and getting fucked by animals to make her regret her decision, but the princess is too stubborn to admit it was an accident, and decides to do it again to prove it. Over time, she becomes more and more addicted to sex.

Part of what inspired this, believe it or not, was Little Red Ridinghood. It's basically about a girl being told not to wander into the woods, who ignores the advice and encoutners wolves. But then I saw a picture of a young princess escaping in her night gown, and the two ideas combined into a stubborn princess sneaking out and accidentally getting herself fucked. The rest of the story was fairly spontaneous.

Spontanaety helps keep a story fresh and makes each scene feel genuine and vibrant, because the details are just as fresh to the writer as they are to the reader. Part of what kept this story spontaneous was how I wrote it in multiple parts with each scene being written on a different day. Ideas emerged as I went, which helped the pacing since each part had something interesting happening. A scene wouldn't exist if it wasn't interesting enough to write. For all their challenges, porn stories do at least have that advantage going for them. But it's still no garuntee. There were some scenes that expressed very vivid scenary and moods but either went nowhere or took way too long to get to the good part (AKA the reason for the scene), so there were quite a few revisions. The last few scenes in particular went through multiple revisions. The last hallway scene initially struggled to convey that the princess actually had an addiction to constant arousal, and the last forest scene originally focused too much on the events and completely forgot to show her personality at all, making her suddenly seem like a different character. And while that could potentially fit the situation, it would need a clear transition in previous scenes to explain it. Without that "explanation", it felt too sudden and jarring to seem believable. It seemed easier and more consistent to just rewrite the last scene to give her more to say and show her personality.

Sometimes a completely oblivious character is just not as interesting. If they know about something, they tend to have opinions about it and therefore have more to say, which creates more opportunities to express their personality. While doing the various revisions, I discovered that you tend to get much better results when you don't look at or copy previous versions of a scene, and just rewrite the scene from scratch. Copying something will always end up feeling stale. Creating something new makes a scene feel vibrant and fresh. It's not really necessary to look up anything since the important details are already in the back of your mind after writing that scene a couple days ago, so you intuitively know all the details that actually matter. Any details you forgot were things that weren't critical, and will harmlessly get replaced by interesting new ideas.

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